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About Us

About Us

The passion for navigation…

There is a word that defines us very well: “passion”. We are moved by the passion for sailing because we are navigators and because when designing nautical experiences we do it from our own experiences and our constant determination to find the best boats and the best adventures. We love to share our passion with you, and our greatest satisfaction is to make known all that we know and have learned over many years at the sea. And that happens by letting you know all of that so that you can take advantage of all the nautical knowledge which we have been acquiring over the years, and that will make your experience as best suited to your preferences as possible.

Who are we?

At Nautic Ocean we are a different group of people, most coming from the business world. But the sea has brought us a way of seeing things, a form that at times distances us from the serious corporate world, and allows us to enjoy one of the oldest pleasures of humanity: navigation. And as anything is enjoyed much intensely if shared, that is our mission: to make you also live experiences as alive and full of adrenaline as those that have made us fall in love with the sea.

What the sea can bring to you:

We believe that the sea can be enjoyed in multiple ways, and therefore we want to be with you in each and every one of them to enjoy it, providing unique experiences, and unequalled.
We are talking about sailing trips to many destinations such as Lanzarote, Baleares, Costra Brava, Costa Blanca, Caribbean, Croatia, etc. As well as tastings of wine aboard boats, ocean races, practices and manoeuvres in port and sailing, and a careful selection of accommodation in nautical destinations located always next to ports and marinas where you can enjoy our experiences and nautical proposals with the most comfort.

You just have to tell us where you want to go, with whom and when; And we will organise a nautical experience that you will not forget. If you want to contact our team, do not hesitate to do it on the page here:

Tell us Wathever you Want!