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Legal warning

We announce our legal warning on this page since when accessing the services that our website offers, you declare the following conditions, such as the age of majority and the power to respond with full physical and legal personal responsibility. In addition, through this legal warning, it is also informed how the user accepts the cookie policy and privacy policy.

Nautic Ocean, with domain, is registered in the Mercantile Registry, under the name of Les Planes Solanes, SL (NAUTIC OCEAN), and CIF: B43967637. Our tax address is Avenue Dr. Vilaseca, 1 8º D, 43202 Reus, Tarragona. While the address of our commercial offices is: One Coworking, Port Vell Barcelona, 08039, Moll de la Barceloneta 1, in Spain. If you want to contact us, you can do so through the email: or via phone: +34 934 11 84 15.

Rights and Copyright

Our website, with copyright NauticOcean® 2015 and all rights reserved, was designed by IzandoMarketing. In addition, this domain includes links to third parties of the same sector, whose legal notice, privacy policy and cookie policy can be found on their own website.

Referenced Jurisdiction

Any online user behavior in this website, as well as the use of what is provided in it, operates under what we can find in the current code of regulations of the Spanish territory, referring to the competent territorial jurisdiction. Nevertheless, any instance will be submitted under the power and jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Barcelona.

Intellectual property

In addition, all multimedia content hosted on this website complies with the regulations regarding what is specified in the regulation regarding the intellectual and industrial property. In addition, any type of link that can be found through navigating this domain, has been established with the sole purpose of improving the user experience and bringing value.

Finally, as stated in the cookies and privacy policy, the information collected from the use of the services of this website by the users, will be treated with total confidentiality and not ceded to third parties.