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PER On board Through Balearic Islands


¿Do you want to extend your PER title and be able to navigate to Balearic Islands, one of the nicest mediterranean paradises? You can do it now with this experience. 1 week sailing through that landscape that will train your navigating skills to the last level.

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PER On board Through Balearic Islands

If you are thinking about getting the PER title (Patrón de Embarcación de Recreo in Spanish), or performing the necessary practices, this is a proposal that will be of your interest. We have the ideal solution: the PER on board through Balearic Islands experience.

Nautic Ocean, currently collaborates with Escuela Neptuno, the first Nautical School in Catalonia. And, together, we offer you the possibility to embark during 1 week in an exclusive school sailboat of 15 meters to cross the best coves and anchorages of the Balearic Islands. And everything while learning the necessary to fully get the management of a boat.

Attributions of PER ON BOARD trough Balearic Islands

After these 1 week navigation, you will be able to:

-Handle boats up to 24 meters in length
-Navigate up to 12 miles, but with specific attribution of being able to navigate between peninsula and Balearic Islands.
-Unlimited engine power
-Day and night navigation
-Management of all types of watercraft
-Internationally valid qualification

Requirements for obtaining PER

-Passing a theoretical exam
-Conducting 16 hours of navigation and maritime safety practices
-16 hours of sailing practice to qualify for sailing
-Perform 12 hours of short-range radio operator practice

Finally, we want you to feel a little taste of what this experience can bring to you. Take a look at the video that last year, Carlos Coronado, a student of Neptune PER A BORDO, made in Menorca!

The PER On Board Experience

Course Structure

The PER on board through Balearic Islands experience is structured so that the student, after completing a week of cruise and passing the theoretical exam, obtains the title of Master of Recreational Boats, Motor and Sailing, enabled up to 24m. of length and navigation until Balearic Islands.

Day 1 10: 00h: Presentation and 1st session of radio-communications in simulator.

Day 1 15: 00h: 2nd session of radio-communications in simulator

Day 1 19: 00h: Organization of the route, distribution of cabins, boarding and departure to the Balearics

Day 2: Arrival to the Balearic Islands, and sailing through the islands throughout the week. Departing back on the 6th day at sunset.

Day 7: Arrival back to the Port Olímpic in Barcelona at noon.

The Sailboat

It is 50 feet boat, approximately 15 meters in length.

This boat is approved as a school boat to be able to carry out the official practices of all the degrees of recreation and has 4 double cabins and 3 bathrooms.

The sailboat is dispatched in zone B, and has all the necessary equipment, including the safety requirements.

Price and Terms

The price includes:

-Motor Practices
-Candle Practices
-Habilitation to Baleares
-Radio Practices in Simulator
-Access to theoretical online course

Price does not include:

Official examination and issuance fees, which (in Catalonia) amount to € 75 each. Since the completion of the course on board, you have 1 year to pass the theory and issue the title. The student can attend any theoretical course in person by paying a € 200 supplement.


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