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Team Building & Events

team building and events

“In Nautic Ocean we do not rent boats. In Nautic Ocean we create experiences. Now, we want your company to hoist sails and keep going through its course. “

Knowing in detail the Spanish geography, thanks to having an extended fleet throughout the whole territory, allows us to have the capacity to offer our clients personalised experiences. The ability to advise you in detail on the best route to take. The ability to recommend what to do in each destination, where to eat and what bays to visit, where to go if there is a radiant sun and where to go if the sky is cloudy. Always taking into account that which best suits your preferences.

But we wanted to go further. We wanted to unite this specific knowledge of the sea with the corporate world and offer that knowledge to each company to the extent that it can help them achieve their goals and keep growing. This is how this idea was born: uniting the exciting world of sailing with the serious corporate world, in order to bring solutions from a totally different point of view.

For this, we have professionals from multinationals, experts in Coaching, marketing and business management, with the aim to serve as a link between what a company needs and what navigation can contribute to achieve it.

We also believe that any business can have two objectives. The first, to improve the communication and relationship between its members. This is where team building comes into play. The second, reward your team and thank them for the hard work. In that case, our events will be the best way to accomplish this purpose.


Our mission is to achieve the objective or objectives that your company proposes us, in collaboration with the Human Resources department or the assigned Coaching company.

In that sense, sailing is a perfect tool to solve what the company demands. The practice of such navigation is a metaphor on which to design experiences that allow the achievement of objectives, improving communication and interaction among workers, leadership, accountability and much more. The human element is the most important within any firm, and that is what we want to enhance.

The common principle to achieve these objectives is always to achieve it in a fun and enjoyable way, outside the usual environment of the four walls,  obtaining the proposed objective in the most efficient way.

Some of the Team Building projects in which Nautic Ocean has been part of are:


This biotechnology multinational had the objective of improving the communication between two departments after a business merger. Team Building had the solution. That’s why we organised in Palma de Mallorca an experience that we call “Be a Hippie for one day”.

The 10 participants sailed to Illetas Beach (in Palma de Mallorca). Encouraging teamwork, they had to take care of the organisation of the crew in a sailboat, which has only one objective: to modify the sails and the course of the boat in order to reach a set destination, taking into account the wind and the need to adapt to it.

After having lunch at the beach, the participants had to jointly design bracelets and beads that would later have to sell on the same beach to tourists.


On this occasion, the CRM multinational Atento wanted to bring together the management team. Our proposal combined sailing with the cooking, and Lanzarote became the best base to live this team experience.

Eight were the participants of this experience “Master Chef in Papagayo”, which began with a day of sailing on a fast ocean sailboat through the waters of the island of Lanzarote. The managers had to distribute and assign their roles on board and participate actively in the different manoeuvres required.

Subsequently, the entire crew landed on a wild beach, which houses a famous beach bar. With the help of an expert Canarian chef, the participants, divided into two teams, had to prepare typical dishes of the islands’ cuisine. Again, the division of team tasks and the hard work aiming to a shared objective allowed to achieve a greater cohesion of the management team.


It is not only necessary to improve the interaction between workers. Sometimes just rewarding your team and having fun is the best option.

Here, the aim is simply to organise a pleasant day out of the office for the employees or management group.

The purpose can be a simple reward for well-done work and constancy, or taking advantage of that moment to reinforce group cohesion and corporate image.



Now, we will show you a couple of organization of business events projects in which Nautic Ocean has participated in:


In this occasion, we expanded the “Regatta” experience modality and added a set of more social activities.

The 90 Inmocaixa employees who participated were able to enjoy the luxurious One Cowork Crew Lounge, located in Barcelona’s Port Vell, where Nautic Ocean has its offices. There, the initial explanation meeting of the corporate regatta and the other activities planned for that day took place.

Once the sailboats returned to port, after the friendly “race”, in the same room they enjoyed a delicious catering, with a DJ who became a speaker for moments enlivening the day, a prize delivery and a photo booth for the good memories.


One type of events that produce more successes and better work is the regatta between employees. And so we did with the 80 employees of Danone who attended.

10 sailors and a skipper in each of them accompanied the workers, who had to participate actively in the competition. Which course to take, with what angle to open the sails, how to advance to the rival ships … those were some of the aspects that had to be decided among all of them.

A Regatta is a clear example of team strategy. And we ensure that participants can live all the processes that this entails, from the initial crew meeting, the analysis of the meteorological forecast, to the strategic decision of each team once in the sea.