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In Nautic Ocean, we want you to enjoy the best nautical experience possible. We want the experience to mark a lasting memory in your mind. And, as we work hard for it, this is what we have managed to achieve with many of our customers. In this page of testimonials we want to make a sample of it, so you can see opinions from people like you who have shared moments with us.

A video that shows some of the most unforgettable moments lived in this journey. A new friendship has been forged in this 1000 mile journey in which, starting from the island of Ibiza, we headed for the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Friendship, relaxation, time to think about oneself and their environment are just a part of that vital experience that one feels when navigating, especially when everything around him is water, an intense blue that invites thoughts and reflections to be more profound.

A 1000 mile nautical cruise will remain in our memory as a vital experience that we recommend to any lover of the sea and nature.J

Juan Massieu CambreiengDirectorEl Montañón NegroLas Palmas de Gran Canaria

Every year, I reserve a week of vacations to enjoy some new nautical destination. I love sailing and for three years I have put my trust in Nautic Ocean. Last year, I was in Lanzarote and I had to say that, despite some small changes in the hotel, everything was phenomenal. They took care of everything and I do not have to look for hotel and boat aside. That makes things much easier because I know what I will find: A hotel near a Marina, good quality and the option to enjoy about 2 or 3 days of a sailboat with a skipper who knows those magical corners that many times are only accessible from the sea.

Alfonso García

We hired a Barcelona – Soller – Andratx route with a Bavaria 50 ‘and it has been an incredible experience. The skipper let us participate in many of the manoeuvres, and in addition to learning, we were able to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca. Firstly the crossing was a fantastic experience and you could enjoy a beautiful sky full of stars with a calm sea. Later on, we toured the Tramuntana Coast, and visited Soller and the island of La Dragonera where we anchored. Finally, we enter the Port of Andratx coinciding the dates with the festivities of the Virgin of the Carmen. An experience that has made us discover this exciting world of navigation and that some of us have already been hooked to…

Tour from Barcelona - Soller - Andratx

We are a group that has known each other for many years. We made a trip through Africa together, and since then, we usually organise trips every year. We are a great family.

Despite being rainfed, because we all came from Valladolid, Vitoria, and Arganda de Duero, we were attracted by the idea of a different sailing vacation. The idea of routeing intensely on a boat for us alone, accompanied by a skipper, sounded really exciting. Being on vacation 24 hours a day from one place to another. The truth is that we all usually like moving, and we are not satisfied with observing, but we like to explore and explore new places by ourselves.

After living this experience, we have to say, that our different sailing holidays in Croatia didn’t let us down. It has been 7 wonderful days in which we have visited incredible places. The sunrises and sailboat sunsets are not wasteful. The days went by in a hurry, visiting new places and living on the ship, where Xavi our patron, always gave us some new activities to do. Victor, who had recently obtained his Master’s Degree in Recreational Craft (PER), enjoyed his explanations. He had told us that a week lets you do a lot, and during these days he has acquired really valuable navigation experience.

When we finished the 7-day Croatia Sailing Tour, we followed our tour to Dubrovnik to extend the experience by visiting some of the National Parks of this fascinating country.

We are already thinking of repeating our experience in other seas next year… maybe Greece?

Curro & FriendsValladolid

Last year I stayed with several friends which I have known all my life spending a few days at the Villas Oceandreams in Lanzarote. Nautic Ocean recommended us to spend a day aboard a 41-foot catamaran and enjoyed a great day, anchoring at Papagayo Beaches, enjoying sailing, fishing, and snorkelling. They were in charge of stowing in the boat, the catering and the drinks, and when we disembarked they recommended us a route of wines by the different cellars of the island in which besides realizing the tastings, we were able to enjoy spectacular tapas, in front of a unique landscape.

Agustin RossoDirector EngineerTurismo Estudio 7

Today our Patron Javier has received an unexpected meeting at our Catamaran Lagoon 421 in Marina Rubicon… Hamilton’s family: Anthony Hamilton, and Carmen Lockhart.

F1 also sails!

XavierAdministratornautic oceanPlaya Blanca